Meathead Movers

Meathead Movers: 125% YoY Increase in Conversions

Meathead Movers is a large-scale moving company based in California with 6 locations. Founded by two high school brothers in 1997, Meathead Movers has taken the simple philosophy of superior customer service and grown into a thriving moving company, redefining the way people perceive the moving and storage industry today.

What We Do For Meathead:

  • Paid Media Buying
  • Paid Media Planning & Strategy

The Challenge:

Before working with Encipher, Meathead had previously been spending a significant budget on Google ads, and despite seeing positive results, wanted to know if there was more they could be doing.

The Solution:

Our work started with an in-depth 100+ point technical and strategic audit of Meathead's existing Google Ad account. Based on our findings, there were multiple areas for improvement in strategy and technical set up of the account. Encipher delivered the audit then began implementing changes based on our findings.

Some of our high-level changes included:

  • Cleaning up conversion goals
  • Keyword optimization
  • Restructuring and building out new campaigns to align with their target markets
  • Setting appropriate target CPAs
  • Implementing Performance Max Campaigns
  • Implementing UTM's for improved tracking in Meatheads CRM


We are thrilled that our implementation of new strategies and technical aspects with Google Ads has resulted in the following:

125% YoY increase in conversions
39% decrease in Cost-per-Lead

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