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How Encipher Helps Blue Collar Marketing Drive Quality Leads

Blue Collar Marketing specializes in creating websites for trades businesses. With a niche target market, their primary challenge was ensuring that their digital presence reached the right audience effectively. Encipher was entrusted with the task of enhancing their online visibility and driving high-quality leads.

What We Do for Blue Collar Marketing:

Paid Media Buying
Paid Media Planning & Strategy
Creative Content Consulting


With a highly specific target demographic of trades businesses, Blue Collar Marketing needed a tailored approach to reach their audience effectively. The digital space is saturated, and ensuring visibility and engagement with the right audience required a strategy that went beyond generic advertising.


To increase the visibility of Blue Collar Marketing and generate high-quality leads for their web design services specifically targeting trades businesses.


  1. Understanding the Audience: Encipher conducted an in-depth analysis of the target market to understand their preferences, behaviors, and online activities.
  2. Platform Selection: Based on the audience research, Encipher identified Google, Facebook, and Instagram as the most effective platforms for reaching the target audience.
  3. Quality Content: Encipher consulted with Blue Collar Marketing to help them plan and create quality content that would resonate with their audience.
  4. Targeted Ad Campaigns: Customized ad campaigns were designed for each platform, taking into account the unique features and audience behavior on each.
  5. Unique Approach to Lead Generation: Encipher employed a distinctive lead generation strategy, focusing on high-quality leads rather than sheer volume. This ensured that Blue Collar Marketing received enquiries from businesses that were genuinely interested in and ready to pay for their services.


700+ (and counting) high-quality leads have been generated thus far for Blue Collar Marketing.
The leads played a pivotal role in the growth and expansion of Blue Collar Marketing’s client base.


Through a combination of meticulous audience understanding, strategic platform selection, and a unique lead generation strategy, Encipher successfully amplified Blue Collar Marketing's digital presence. The high-quality leads generated have not only expanded the client base for Blue Collar Marketing but have also showcased the power of tailored advertising in reaching niche markets effectively.


"Encipher has been pivotal to the growth of our business. From the planning stage, to the strategy, to the targeting for both our Google ads and our Facebook ads, they've been fantastic in getting the results we were looking for.”

Chris Mackey, Managing Partner, Blue Collar Marketing
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