BLD Homes

Supporting a home builder that operates out of the fastest growing community in Canada.

Client Goals & Objectives:

  • Improve brand awareness in the marketplace
  • Design and create product brand marketing assets 
  • Digital management consulting for website design & functionality

Services Delivered:

  • Project Management
  • Creative Asset Design
  • Branding and Graphic Design
  • Digital Management Consulting

Working together, BLD Homes relied on Encipher to bring more exposure and awareness to the local family owned business based in the heart of some of the fastest growing communities currently known to Canada - Perth and Carleton Place.

Our team works with BLD Homes to create and design interactive marketing catalogs that help showcase their product offerings in the real estate industry. Whether it be a 60-page document to outline your exciting new apartment building that just finished being completed in Perth, or a 100+ page design catalog allowing your clients to build their dream home, the Encipher team will look after your desired creative needs. 

These creative assets provided more touch points between the brand and their potential customers, resulting in higher credibility within the respective marketplace. Encipher successfully delivers results based on the vision, goals and expectations BLD Homes has for their business, both short and long term.


"Working with Encipher is nothing short of a joy. They treat your business like their own with the same compassion and dedication to grow and support your brand and business. They listen and then they act. We can’t recommend Encipher enough for small and large businesses."

Troy Brownlee, Marketing Manager, BLD Homes
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