MCL Hospitality

MCL Hospitality approached us with the goal of generating more leads for their business through targeted advertising. MCL sells commercial kitchen equipment and operates in a niche space, so it was important to reach their target audience through targeted ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


Encipher Digital Marketing used a multi-faceted approach to generate leads for MCL Hospitality. We began by conducting market research to understand the target audience and determine the most effective channels for reaching them. Based on this research, we created targeted ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram that were designed to appeal to MCL's target audience.

To further increase the reach and effectiveness of the ads, we also implemented retargeting tactics, which allowed us to show the ads to users who had previously visited MCL's website or engaged with their content. This helped to keep MCL top-of-mind with their target audience and increase the chances of them converting into leads.


Since implementing the targeted ad campaign in April, Encipher Digital Marketing has generated:

- 190+ inbound calls

- 1.3+ million ad impressions

By conducting market research and implementing targeted ads on the most effective channels, we were able to generate a significant number of leads for MCL Hospitality. The client was pleased with the results and is looking forward to continuing to work with us in the future.

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