Netflix Documentary Promotion

Promotion For Netflix Documentary: "Full Circle"


The objective was to raise awareness and viewership for the Trevor Kennison documentary "Full Circle" produced by Level 1 Productions, now streaming on Netflix. Through strategic collaboration with Level 1 Productions, Encipher aimed to leverage the power of viral short-form video on Instagram Reels and TikTok, capitalizing on the documentary's compelling narrative and the inspirational figure of Trevor Kennison.


Our approach involved a collaboration with Level 1 Productions to ensure authenticity and access to exclusive content. The strategy focused on:

  • Utilizing direct insights and materials provided to us by Level 1 Productions to create content that was both engaging and representative of the documentary’s core themes.
  • Highlighting the documentary's availability on Netflix with a clear CTA, encouraging immediate viewing.
  • Engaging the skiing and adaptive sports communities through heartfelt storytelling, emphasizing Kennison’s resilience and determination.


  • Collaborative Content Planning: Worked closely with Level 1 Productions to identify key moments and narratives from the documentary that would resonate most on social media platforms.
  • Exclusive Content Utilization: Leveraged exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews provided by Level 1 Productions to create unique and engaging content for Reels and TikTok, enhancing viewer interest and authenticity.
  • Leveraging IG's Collaboration Post Tool: We posted the video on our own IG page with 24K followers and collaborated on the post with Trevor Kennison's official IG account for content amplification to reach a total of 140,000 followers across both accounts.


With just one video, we successfully generated over 250,000 views across Instagram Reels and TikTok, significantly boosting awareness of the documentary's availability on Netflix.

Check out the full documentary on Netflix here!

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