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How Encipher Helps Onelife Design & Build Expand Their Customer Base

Services Delivered: Web Design, Branding, Targeted Ads & Lead Generation

Encipher's relationship with Onelife Design & Build began with a complete website overhaul. The goal was to align the website to match the minimalist, luxury brand feel that Onelife is built on. Encipher did this by building a clean and and highly-functional site with lines that match the architecture and style of projects that Onelife has built.

Second Impressions

Once the website was complete, Encipher began to help ODB gain more brand exposure through content creation and targeted advertising. By creating engaging and educational content using Facebook & Instagram, Encipher was able to get ODB in front of people looking to renovate or build a custom home. Encipher was able to significantly grow their Instagram account and engagement with organic content.

Through what we like to call the 'venus fly-trap' strategy, Encipher successfully generates high quality leads for ODB.

Here's an ad we ran that resulted in a jam-packed open house info session.


"Encipher has been a valued partner of ours for the past 3 years and have proven to grow our client base by delivering our brand message via targeted marketing. Encipher shares similar core values that we appreciate and respect, to the years ahead. Onwards.”

Jon Cocklin, CEO, Onelife Design & Build
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