Krucker Saunas

Krucker Saunas: 840% Increase in Lead Volume

Krucker Saunas specializes in crafting hand-built saunas, offering a personalized touch with the convenience of delivery and installation at any location. Their product, known for its quality and craftsmanship, required a marketing strategy that could effectively communicate its unique selling propositions to a targeted audience.


The primary challenge Krucker Saunas faced was generating more leads and improving their existing Google Ads campaigns. With only 15 leads generated in December 2023 and an ad spend of $1,337, it was clear that a strategic overhaul was necessary to maximize their advertising potential and reach their desired audience.

Strategy Implemented by Encipher

Encipher introduced an omnichannel advertising strategy, integrating Meta and Google Ads to cross-target potential customers with high intent to purchase saunas. The strategy involved:

  • Cross-Channel Targeting: Created and launched Meta ad campaigns (Facebook & Instagram) to utilize cross platform targeting with Google Ads to reach potential customers across various digital touchpoints.
  • Google Performance Max Campaign: Leveraging Google's extensive ad inventory, including Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Display, and Search, to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

This comprehensive approach aimed to capture the attention of potential buyers at different stages of their purchasing journey, across all major platforms.


840% Month-Over-Month Increase in Total Leads: Increased from 15 in December 2023 to 141 leads in January 2024
Total Ad Spend: Increased by 133% from December 2023 to January 2024, this more than double increase resulted in more than 9x more leads.


Encipher's implementation of an omnichannel advertising strategy for Krucker Saunas showcases the power of a well-orchestrated digital marketing approach. By leveraging cross-channel targeting and maximizing Google's ad inventory, Encipher was able to significantly increase lead generation and improve ad spend efficiency for Krucker Saunas.

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