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"How to Build Your Own Website Using Wix"

Learn how to...

  Use the Wix website builder to build your own site, exactly the way you want it.
  Break free from your web designer and take control.
Build, manage, and control your website to drive more traffic and sales for your business.
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Don’t rely on a web designer...


BECOME the web designer.

After spending countless hours building 100+ websites for our clients, we decided to show you how to do it on your own.
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If you ask a coder or web developer, they'll laugh...


But every day, thousands of people just like you are creating their own websites without the help of a 'coder' or 'developer'.

Hours of In-Depth Video Training

Access To Our Best Custom Templates

Private Facebook Group


Over the years, we learned that there's a lot that goes into a building a website.


That's why we made this course.


Heres what we'll cover.

  Creating Content
  Creating Your Logo
  Choosing/Editing Template
  Setting-Up Your Online Store
  Choosing & Connecting Domain
  Starting a Blog
  Taking Online Bookings
  How to Manage Your Site
✓  Google Business + SEO Basics
  Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

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Want your website to look something like this?
Encipher Digital Marketing
Encipher Digital Marketing
Encipher Digital Marketing
Encipher Digital Marketing
Encipher Digital Marketing
Encipher Digital Marketing
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Lesson Breakdown

Part 1 - Getting Organized

1.1 - Creating Content

  • How to get organized and get prepared.

  • How to write and prepare compelling copy for your site.

  • How and where to organize your content.


1.2 - Creating Your Logo

  • How to use the Wix logo maker to create your own logo.

  • BONUS: How to use Fiverr to get your logo made!

1.3 - Finding Icons

  • How to find icons for your site that match your branding.

Part 2 - Starting Your Site

2.1 - Choosing a Template + Editor Intro

  • Here we walk through the first steps inside Wix.

  • Creating a Wix Account.

  • How to pick a template.


2.2 - Setting Site Colours

  • How set your theme colors to match your brand logo.


2.3 - Setting Site Fonts

  • How to set your theme fonts.


2.4 - Premium Plans & Domains

  • Choosing a premium plan.

  • Choosing & connecting your domain.

Part 3 - Diving In Deeper

3.1 - In-Depth Editor Lesson

  • Learn the in's and out's of the Wix drag 'n drop editor.

  • Important do's and dont's.


3.2 - Header & Menu Design

  • Learn how to design a beautiful site header and menu.


3.3 - Building Out Homepage

  • Learn how to build out the bulk of your site.


3.4 - Contact Forms

  • Build a contact form to convert visitors into leads.

Part 4 - Mobile Editor & Finalization

4.1 - How to Use the Mobile Site Editor

  • Learn how to make your site look beautiful on all mobile devices and tablets.


4.2 - Mobile Editor Tip (DONT MISS!)​​​


4.3 - Finalization & Tying Up Loose Ends

  • Making sure everything is looking good and running smooth.


✓ Search Engine Optimization

  • Learn how to make sure your site shows up in Google.

  • See real SEO examples from our clients!


✓ Google My Business Listing

  • Take your SEO to the next level with a GMB listing.


✓ Online Bookings

  • Learn how to save time and get your clients to book online.


✓ Creating a Blog

  • How to start a blog! This will boost your SEO and provides value to your site visitors!


✓ Sell Products Through Your Wix Site

  • Learn how to sell products through your Wix site and get paid!


✓ Access to Our Custom Templates

  • Get access to our best custom templates.


✓ Community of Wix-ers

  • Learn with a community.

  • You will gain access to our Facebook group to ask questions and see what others are creating!

  • We believe that community matters. Our community is here to help.

Meet Your Instructor


Brent Colby has been designing websites for clients using Wix since 2016. It all started one day when he made his own website to showcase his photography portfolio. From there, things quickly snowballed and before he knew it, Brent was running a full-scale web design agency. Since 2016, Brent and his agency have built countless websites and served many happy clients using Wix.


Brent is also a certified Wix Expert and is listed as an Expert for hire in the Wix Arena.


A Summary of What You Get...

  Access to in-depth video lessons ( Value = $1997 )
  Access to our best available custom templates ( Value = $997 )
  Access to our private Facebook group where Brent is active daily to answer questions and provide assistance with all your Wix endeavors. You will also get to take advantage of Private Networking with Like-Minded Individuals ( INVALUABLE )
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Wix Course

And yes, this website funnel you are on right now that got you all the way down here was built with Wix

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